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Part Time Chauffeur Driver

As part of a small team of Private Hire Drivers you will always be in a suit and be driving a Mercedes (a good idea to look at the web site   We are based in Bury St Edmunds and our main client base is in the Suffolk/Cambridge area.   Due to the location of our customer base it would be of benefit if you lived in the Stowmarket area.   We are looking to recruit another driver with a good sense of humour, an ability to communicate at all levels without being over opinionated and of course polite and courteous at all times.

This role may suit a semi retired person, male or female.   A clean driving license is essential and our insurance starts for drivers over the age of 30 and with a licence from your local authority to drive Private Hire which will be verified.   This role is on a self employed basis and you will be responsible to accounting for your own Tax and NI contributions.   Being specific about 'take home pay' can vary from £100 to £600 per week, but both figures are extreme and can be anything in between!

An ability to drive without the impression of attending a fire is important for both the comfort and safety of my passengers, the points on your licence and of course my bank account.   The hours can be unsociable, but as one customer put it, "If it was easy and sociable we'd drive ourselves".   The hours do not include every evening nor does it involve every weekend.   The company does not engage in 'honking' the horn to announce our arrival and we do our upmost to ensure the vehicles are clean, tidy and vacuumed at all times.   Our company is expanding by around 40% per year and if you think you want to work for us then we would like to hear from you.   Before you pick up the phone or apply to become a Private Hire driver you will need to apply to the following:

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It is worth adding, that to become a Private Hire Driver or Taxi Driver, this is not a job or profession that 'once you have got the car' you are up and running.   Nor is it something that will work as a 'fill in'.   You really do have to like driving, talking to people, as well as being in control of the vehicle and get to your destination with the upmost safety.

If you are interested in working for Destinations Executive Travel, please fill out and submit the form.

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